Business Driver Assessment and Development


Toolbox Talks are the ideal way for all your drivers to improve their knowledge

It is estimated that around 40% of all drivers have not looked at a copy of the Highway Code in the last decade, and around 25% for more than 25 years!

It is not therefore surprising that many drivers on the road today do not know what the rules are.

An astonishing number of drivers don't know how to recognise the speed limit for the road they are on, the type of vehicle they are driving, or even understand their own vehicle's controls!

We provide fun and informative Toolbox Talks for drivers right across the Category spectrum. So whether your drivers drive cars, vans, minibuses or articulated vehicles, a Toolbox Talk will cover every aspect of driving today.

Starting with a simple quiz to get everyone thinking, the Talks cover Road Law, vehicle types and operation, dealing with hazards, understanding vulnerable road users, and coping with problems like tailgating.

In addition, each Toolbox Talk can be precisely tailored to your drivers' needs.

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